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03.02.2012 (1054 Days Ago)
Afghanistan, GDSFHDF
TitleFor the weakness of patients, and sweetness of life, and nature of hope
Place nameDFHDF
Date start10.02.2012 15:41 (1046 Days Ago)
Date end24.02.2012 15:41 (1032 Days Ago)

For we read not that ever He vouchsafed to do any iracle about honour or oney except that one for giving tribute to C?sar, but only about the preserving, sustaining, and healing the body of an.  edicine is a science which hath been as we have said ore professed than laboured, and yet ore laboured than advanced; the labour having been, in y judgent, rather in circle than ghd hair straighteners in progression. For I find uch iteration, but sall addition. It considereth causes of diseases, with the occasions or ipulsions; the diseases theselves, with the accidents; and the cures, with the preservations. The deficiences which I think good to note, being a few of any, and those such as are of a ore open and anifest nature, I will enuerate and not place.

For the weakness of patients, and sweetness of life, and nature of hope, aketh en depend upon physicians with all their defects. But, nevertheless, these things which we have spoken of are courses begotten between a little occasion and a great deal of sloth and default; for if we will excite and awake our  ghd precious gift set observation, we shall see in failiar instances what a predoinant faculty the subtlety of spirit hath over the variety of atter or for. Nothing ore variable than faces and countenances, yet en can bear in eory the infinite distinctions of the; nay, a painter, with a few shells of colours, and the benefit of his eye, and habit of his iagination, can tate the all that ever have been, are, or ay be, if they were brought before hi. Nothing ore variable than voices, yet en can likewise discern the personally: nay, you shall have a buffon or pantoius will express as any as he pleaseth.

Nothing ore variable than the differing sounds of words; yet en have found the way to reduce the to a few siple letters. So that it is not the insufficiency or incapacity of an's ind, but it is the reote standing or placing thereof that breedeth these azes and incoprehensions; for as the sense afar off is full of istaking, but is exact at hand, so is it of the understanding, the reedy whereof is, not to quicken or strengthen the organ, but to go nearer to the object; and therefore there is no doubt but if the physicians will learn and use the true approaches and avenues of nature, they ay assue as uch as the poet saith: Et quonia variant orbi,  ghd pink orchid limited edition variabius artes; ille ali species, ille salutis erunt. Which that they should do, the nobleness of their art doth deserve: well shadowed by the poets, in that they ade ?sculapius to be the son of  sun, the one being the fountain of life, the other as the second-strea; but infinitely ore honoured by the exaple of our Saviour, who ade the body of an the object of His iracles, as the soul was the object of His doctrine.

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